We aim to enhance coffee and cocoa farm communities by providing them with the essential tools to foster their own sustainable development and improve their livelihoods in a safe environment, especially family farmers who are undergoing hardships or lack the resources. Our support will help them thrive and have better life conditions.

At Giveafew we can only make a difference in the lives of farmers in need through the help you can give by donating goods, money, sponsoring a specific project, or by simply spreading the word. If we think about the vast profits coffee and cocoa products make around the world, we believe that farmers, who perform the hard task of growing the beans, deserve exceptional support to access better life conditions. By providing fair opportunities, we will be investing in future farmer generations and serving a social purpose.  

By working together with us, your coffee or chocolate shops will be in a better position to provide direct aid to coffee and cocoa farmers, and you will be able to see straightforwardly the benefits your contribution will have on the beneficiaries. In turn, your customers will be glad and proud about the social benefits and positive impact their purchases at your shops will bring to cocoa and coffee farmers. This will definitely make a positive effect on your business goals.

Giveafew will promote co-operation initiatives with other coffee and cocoa enterprises which also promote social transformation and sustainable development. We will explore their projects and create partnerships to implement them in places where there is little hope. By partnering with them, we can develop projects aimed at improving farmers’ work and their livelihoods. These enterprises will be in a position to understand better the hard work these people perform and in doing so, they will acknowledge them with better incentives to improve their lives in the farms.


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