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Every little support you give 

will make a huge difference in farmers' lives and their communities

Way to Give


Helping the future generations of coffee and cocoa farmers create a safe and sustainable area is at the heart of what Giveafew does. With your donation you can support concrete projects and create developing opportunities for many farmers and their children from the rural areas around Venezuela.

Thank you for your support!

Natural Source of Energy 

For £100 you can sponsor to install solar panels which provide natural energy source for 100 children in

the school called UE. Cabano

Carpio Martínez in small village

El Chaguaramo.


Safe Water

for Everybody

Together with your £100 donation we can help drilling water-well to bring providing safe water for 500 people

in need in El Chaguaramo.


Better Tools

for Bigger Yield

If you designate your support of £70/month over one year you can

help to achieve better yields with modernized machines and tools

in the farms around in Venezuela.

Way_to_Give_Tools Improvement_edited.jpg


by Land Protection

With your £50 donation you can finance the use of natural pesticides to help for protecting 1 hectare of land in Barinas.



for the New Generation

For £30 you can contribute to buy clothes for 10 children in rural

coffee or cocoa-producing areas

in Venezuela.


Aid the Coffee & Cocoa


With a monthly donation of £55 over one year, you can make easier the everyday life of coffee and cocoa-producing families in Venezuela.

Your donation gets at the most

needy farmer families.


Education Tools

for Children 

For £65/month over one year you can finance to provide educational tools for a small school class of 10-15 students (school books and notebooks, writing materials, school bags, school meals) in Barlovento.

Way_to_Give_Educational tools_edited.jpg

Supporting with Seeds

With your £30 financial support,

you can help in planting 30 new plantations which contribute to

high quality crops.


Basic Food 

by Animal Husbandry

You can help for farmer families in buying 3 chickens and 1 rooster per family for £55 with which you can contribute to farmers’ livelihoods such as with their eggs and meat or their natural pest controls for the crops.

Way_to_Give_Food_Small Farm Animal_edite

Invest in Small Business

If you appoint your aid of £80/month over one year towards Giveafew,

5 farmer families can access to our small business supports to open their own shop that make a viable way of life for them in Venezuela.

Way_to_Give_Own Business Improvement_edi

Healthy Life

for Farmer's Family

If you willing to donate £45, we can support a farmer family with a cow which can provide for their children around 10 cups of protein- and calcium-rich milk every day keeping them healthy.


Drip Irrigation System

for the Land's Quality 

Your contribution of £45/month over one year gives opportunity to provide one acre of a farm in good condition by using drip irrigation system.

Way_to_Give_Irrigation System.JPG
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