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Helping Deprived Venezuelan Children 

Pursuit a Better Future

Oil-rich Venezuela is currently undergoing its worst ever economic and humanitarian crisis and citizens from every walk of life are being affected by this situation, but children are among the most vulnerable ones especially those from the most disadvantaged ares one the country: Slums. At Giveafew, we offer opportunities to those who are hopeless and disadvantaged and with our project, we want to make a positive impact on these forgotten children bringing food to them - cooperating with “Sueña Mi Gente” project - as they are at greater risk of hunger and death. Moreover, we want to offer them learning opportunities which will help them create and foresee opportunities for a better future for they are Venezuela’s future generations. 


Improving Schools

in Venezuelan Rural Communities

This projects aims to support struggling Venezuelan cocoa & coffee farmer regions improve school facilities for the young generations. Venezuela, one of the countries with the largest oil reservoirs worldwide is currently undergoing its worst economic crisis, making life a constant struggle for Venezuelans, especially those in living in deprived rural areas such as farmers and their families. Nowadays, farmers can’t earn decent incomes and live in appalling conditions with no access to basic resources like water and electricity and among these communities, children are among the most vulnerable ones as they have to endure limitations of food, clothing, and lack of proper school facilities. Access to quality education for these children is very poor and limited, making the future of farmer generations very dim and uncertain. At Giveafew, we want to bring opportunities to those who are hopeless and ignored and our project will help improving the school facilities for these forgotten future generations.

“I strongly believe that cocoa is one of the biggest sources of richness in Venezuela and it keeps me going back to the land that saw me grow“ - says cocoa farmer Samuel. Let’s bring them hope!


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