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At Giveafew we believe 

that even in the poorest areas of

the world wonderful things can grow



Giveafew has born as a result of the help and support many cocoa and coffee farmers experience across the world. As a charity, we want to help further the interests of those in need – the people we aim to serve. At Giveafew, everything we do, we do it in the best interests of cocoa and coffee farmers and their communities.


Based on the realization that sustainable development and environmental protection are fundamental principles in the preservation of the future generations of human kind, and to enable responsible economic practices for the best use of natural resources found in Venezuela and many other countries across the world, Giveafew seeks to promote the best practices in the cocoa and coffee fields through teaching, empowering and providing people with the tools that will engage them in the process of social, economic and sustainable development.


844 million 


Number of people who can't access to clean water whilst 840 litres water are spent on making a 750ml coffee pot



Giveafew wants to have a world with the best development opportunities having a safe environment at his heart.

The implementation of our programme aimed at introducing proper training for cocoa and coffee farmers teaching them about multistrata agroforestry systems and how to become cocoa and coffee entrepreneurs themselves, should serve socially constructive purposes that would engage them in the process of social, economic and sustainable development. Chocolate and coffee business people need to rethink the role farmers play in the production chains of both products so that there can be more acknowledgment of the hard work they carry out and raise awareness on the impact that inadequate farming practices add to global climate change effects.

3% of the profit 


From the chocolate bar belongs to

the cocoa-producing farmers



At Giveafew, we have gathered an exceptional and passionate team of people who have got the expertise in every relevant aspect for the charity to run smoothly and thus achieve our proposed goals.

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