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Visiting Oletta Café

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The mission of Giveafew's project is to help farmers - through local organizations and companies like Oletta Cáfé - improve their life quality and work conditions, providing them with training on best farming practices, especially on multistrata agroforestry systems which are recognized as the best strategy of management and protection against the global climate change effects, particularly in the fight against deforestation which brings about serious problems such as decrease of water availability and biodiversity.

Our project also aims at teaching farmers to acquire new skills so that they do not limit themselves to the farmer work, but to advance and learn how to be (in the case they wish to do so) chocolate and coffee manufacturers, and hence improve their life quality and future prospects, lifting them out of poverty.

In order to realise our objectives we will seek cooperation from local Venezuelan bodies such as universities who are also working on the development and improvement of cocoa and coffee technologies, such as the UCV’s (Universidad Central de Venezuela) Diploma Course offered by the Faculty of Science on Science and Technology of Chocolate which teaches the core principles of cocoa production and transformation into chocolate and other byproducts in the UCAB’s (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello) diploma course on Cocoa and Chocolate.

The UCV­-Oletta Café co­operation agreement offers a diploma course on coffee and have developed projects on the restoration of coffee farms across Venezuela with a sustainable development aim and ecological practices. We started to create a good partnership with Oletta Café to connect to their diploma course. Our visiting in el Laurel in their coffee farm was a beginning of a fruitful partnership and we really believe in a successful cooperation between us in implementing our purposes.

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