• Peter

The dire future of Venezuelan children: Public schools in Barlovento’s Cocoa region

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Venezuela, the South American oil-rich country which holds the world's largest supply of crude oil is undergoing the deepest and worst crisis in the country’s history. The collapse of the Venezuelan economy caused largely by mismanagement and drop in oil prices have led to soaring prices of goods and services together with an uncontrollable hyperinflation. This situation has resulted in shortages of medicines, food, and other basic elements, worsening the life quality of Venezuelan citizens, and turning it into a poverty-stricken country.

Among all the aspects of the everyday life in the country, the right to education every child deserves is being severely affected. With the countdown to the beginning of the new academic year, state schools have been hit harder and their situation has been getting worse as time goes by. A study carried out by Jesuit Organisation “Fe y Alegría“ which offers free education to the poor, revealed in 2018 a of drop 50% on their school population.