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Together we can help developing future generations 

of cocoa and coffee farmers

by providing them with an education

Sustainable Development & Environment Protection

In order to look ahead to a better future, there must be a  balanced relationship between environment-society-economy and with the human being at the heart of this development model, our main aim is to improve people’s life quality without harming the environment.

Our projects will focus on providing knowledge to farm communities about sustainable development and environment protection practices, especially on how to maximise natural resources in the midst of an abysmal crisis which has limited the access to millions of individuals to these basic elements. One of our main projects will involve developing agroforestry systems of cocoa and coffee, which will bring added value to farmers’ lands and ensure them a long-term income, offering social, environmental and economic benefits.

Training on Entrepreneurial Skills

These projects will be focused on promoting the profession of cocoa and coffee - including coffee entrepreneurs, chocolatiers, shops - educating young farmers, through educational scholarship programmes, with the theoretical and practical knowledge in the area, including entrepreneurial skills for developing cocoa and coffee businesses. We believe these projects will, in the long run, lift them out of poverty, help them connect to existing entrepreneurs and companies, create co-operation communities, collaborate with future generations, and ensure the future of cocoa and coffee. Our charity will operate as an “Incubator House“ to facilitate business ideas creation and development. More than just giving them resources, we will be teaching them how to provide for their own future. 

Participating in Mentoring Programmes 

Our mentoring programmes will aim at developing and strengthening existing skills which farmers need in order to successfully manage their farms to obtain efficient economic outcomes for better livelihoods, in a Eco-friendly environment. To achieve this goal, we'll work with professionals in the subject areas (agronomists, biologists, food technologists, etc.) and will create training material on agroforestry systems, in order to teach farmers about the benefits of  these systems, which include:

  • Guarantee better space, water and nutrients use,

  • Recharging groundwater,

  • Restoring degraded lands and soils,

  • Generate high productivity levels,

  • Absorbing and storing carbon. This is key in climate change mitigation.

  • Promoting biodiversity, 

  • Teaching about better practices on cocoa and coffee production processes.


Our Volunteer

Giveafew invites you to be a part of our Team by engaging as a Volunteer. We are looking for volunteers all over the world. As a Volunteer, you will be supporting an initiative to support the future generation of coffee and cocoa farmers and provide environment protection systems against the global climate change effects. 

With your commitment and passion, we believe that you will make the most valuable and critical contributions to our project, making a better world for new generations. And how can you help as a coffee and chocolate lover?

Thank you for joining us!

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